DC Studios Co-Head James Gunn Teases Early Discussions For a ‘Marvel vs DC’ Crossover Project

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Today, while speaking to Empire Magazine, DC Studios co-head James Gunn revealed there have been very early (albeit fun) discussions on a possible Marvel vs. DC crossover project. The former Guardians of the Galaxy director is a close friend of Marvel Studios head, Kevin Feige, so those discussions are certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

“Who knows? That’s many years away, though. I think we have to establish what we’re doing [at DC] first. I would be lying to say that we haven’t discussed it. But all discussions have been very, very light and fun.”

The original comic in the 1990s was a fan participation event that allowed fans to vote “who would win” in several one-on-one battles between heroes (i.e. Captain America vs. Batman). The main storyline consists of both universes engulfing the other in the multiverse, and the only way for each universe to survive is by winning a series of battles. A great idea beyond a live-action film would be an animated film in the vein of What If but still considered “canon” for either studio with past stars returning to lend their voice for their characters. At one point, The Russo Brothers were developing a documentary around Marvel vs. DC TV series.

Marvel. vs DC has no set release date

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