Writers Room Assembled For Disney’s ‘Percy Jackson’ Season 2

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Today, original author and Executive producer Rick Riordan announced on his blog that Disney is hard at work in post-production for Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 1. Production had ended in mid-January on the Greek god reboot with star Walker Scobell. The author goes on to reveal that Disney has approved a writer’s room to be assembled on season 2 though the season hasn’t been greenlighted yet.

“We have started work on the writers’ room for season two. This does NOT mean the second season has been green-lit yet. It’s too early for that. But we have been approved to start developing scripts, and I think everyone’s expectation is that a second season will happen if all goes as planned. It sure is exciting to be part of the room, though. We’ve broken down the action of the second Percy Jackson book, The Sea of Monsters, into a series of episodes, and have begun outlining what the first episodes would look like.”

It’s unknown when the show will drop on Disney+ but is expected to have probably a year of post-production before it debuts. Jonathan E. Steinberg and Dan Shotz are expected to return as showrunners alongside Riordan. The Fox films starring Logan Lerman only made The Lighting Thief and Sea of Monsters back in the early 2010s before the film series was canceled.

Percy Jackson has no set release date

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