Universal Pictures Moving Forward With ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ For A 2025 Release

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Today, The Hollywood Reporter announced that Universal Pictures is indeed moving forward with a How To Train Your Dragon live-action movie. We at Knight Edge Media had heard the studio was considering adapting their highly acclaimed animated trilogy in late January. The original film’s director Dean DeBlois will return to write and direct the film for the studio.

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This will also be his first jump to live-action from animation. This will also be the first time Universal has adapted a previous animated property into live-action. Their challenge will be making lovable yet realistic dragons for the film, which is the opposite shown in both Game of Thrones or The Hobbit films. Casting is currently underway for the lead hero, Hiccup (previously voiced by Jay Baruchel), and his friends.

How To Train Your Dragon hits March 14th, 2025

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