Director James Mangold Enters Talks To Helm DC Studios ‘Swamp Thing’

james mangold swamp thing director banner

Today, director James Mangold took to Twitter and posted an image of Swamp Thing following yesterday’s film slate announcement by DC Studios. Fans began speculating that he could be throwing his name in the ring as a potential director or writer on the project. This will be another attempt at the character after the HBO Max series in 2019 was canceled following a single season.

Now, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that the director has indeed entered early talks to helm the horror film. He is currently completing work on Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny for Disney. However, he is best known for (originally) closing out Hugh Jackman’s time as Wolverine in 2017’s Logan. Fans have wondered if the rumored Constantine 2 starring Keanu Reeves could be retrofitted into the new DCU following the introduction of Swamp Thing.

Swamp Thing has no set release date

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