Director Gil Kenan Takes Over ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2’ From Jason Reitman

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Today, Deadline announced that director Gil Kenan has taken over helming the Ghostbusters: Afterlife sequel from the previous director Jason Reitman. Reitman successfully revived the Ghostbusters franchise from his father, Ivan Reitman, after the 2016 reboot. Kenan and Reitman both signed an exclusive first-look deal with Sony Pictures following the release of Afterlife.

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Reitman will take a backseat as the sequel writer, while Kenan will direct. Kenan is best known for directing the rebooted Polteriest film in 2015. “It’s an absolute honor to pick up the proton pack and step behind the camera for the next chapter of the Spengler family saga. I just wish I could go back to 1984 and tell the kid in the sixth row of the Mann Valley West that one day he was going to get to direct a Ghostbusters film,” said Kenan.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife 2 hits theaters December 2023

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