Warner Brothers & Discovery Announce ‘DC Studios’; HBO Max Will Dissolve By Summer 2023

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Today, after a week of distrust and fear from Warner Brothers and Discovery, CEO David Zaslav held their quarterly earnings meeting. The CEO announced the reason behind canceling Batgirl halfway through post-production (and several other properties) is that WB is “responsible for the DC brand,” and they do not want to release a film not up to the standard of a theatrical release. He maintained that Shazam! 2, Black Adam, The Flash, and Aquaman 2 will still get their theatrical release over the next year. Despite the real-world trouble star Ezra Miller has been getting into.


He also announced that they have a 10-year plan to reboot the DC universe (minus the Matt Reeves projects). It will be once again modeled after Marvel Studios under Disney. This is why Alan Horn recently left Disney for an executive position at Warner Brothers to help guide the newly created DC Studios. It’s unknown if Walter Hamada will join the newly formed studio as he is the current head of DC films under WB. Finally, the call announced that HBO Max and Discovery+ will discontinue starting in summer 2023 and be rebranded into a new streaming service featuring both movies and shows. They will now pivot to more programming on the original HBO channel network.

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