SDCC 22: Marvel Studios Showcases Their Upcoming Animated Slate Including ‘X-Men 97’ and ‘Spider-Man: Freshmen Year’

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Today, during the Marvel Animation panel of SDCC many upcoming shows were showcased including the previously announced X-Men 97, Marvel Zombies, What If season 2, and Spider-Man: Freshmen Year. The panel opened up with The Watcher stating “The boundaries of the multiverse have opened and now you are all Watchers, just like me, and I can’t wait for you to see the brand new worlds on the horizon.” While I Am Groot was mentioned to have 5 extra episodes later this year, the focus was on Spider-Man: Freshmen Year. Marvel Zombies will also be the first TV-MA project to come out of Marvel Studios.

Apparently, Marvel Studios has confirmed that the show is canon though this Peter Parker in High School will meet Lonnie Lincoln, Amadeus Cho, Harry Osborn, and more. While his foes include The Unicorn, Chameleon, Scorpio, speed Demon, Tarantula, Butane, Carmella Black, and Otto Octavius. The panel also announced that Charlie Cox will return to voice Matt Murdock in the series. Though that also contradicts Peter first meeting him in No Way Home. Some have theorized this will take place on another Earth instead of the main 616 universe via The Multiverse. It was previously announced that Tom Holland will not return to voice Peter Parker. This is not surprising considering he also skipped What If season one.

Finally, the first look at X-Men 97 was shown on screen to the attendees. The series will follow the events of X-Men The Animated Series of the 1990s. However, this series will connect to the ever-growing MCU in some way. The series will follow Bolivar Trask and his Sentinel program as they hunt down all mutants. Finally, an episode of What If season 2 was shown to the crowd. The series is expected to return to Disney in early 2023 with the inclusion of Rachel Weisz following her role in Black Widow.

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All Marvel animated shows will stream exclusively on Disney+

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