Gael García Bernal Will Star in Marvel Studios ‘Werewolf By Night’ Halloween Special

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Today, The Wrap announced that actor Gael García Bernal had been cast in the lead role for the Werewolf By Night Halloween special on Disney+. We had heard the studio was courting Anthony Ramos for the role but went for a much older Mexican actor instead. Gael García Bernal was recently seen in M. Night Shyamalan’s Old. Werewolf By Night has had several characters take up the character’s mantle, including Jack Russell in England and Jake Gomez, a Hopi Native American. It’s unknown which version Bernal will be playing. The character is expected to appear in Moon Knight, but that production completed filming several months ago. It also seems that Marvel Studios could be moving towards a Midnight Sons crossover with the introduction of Moon Knight, Blade, and Doctor Strange. Production begins in early 2022.

Werewolf By Night will debut on Disney+ around Halloween 2022


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