Emerald Fennell Has Finished Penning The Script For Mark Millar’s ‘Nemesis’

Nemesis emerald fennell banner1

Recently, comic book writer Mark Millar spoke with Forbbiden Planet TV about his live-action adaption of Nemesis. The comic writer revealed that Oscar-winning writer/director and The Crown actress Emerald Fennell has recently finished the latest draft for the adaption. “Emerald Fennell, who just won an Oscar for best screenplay for Promising Young Woman, has just delivered the latest draft of the Nemesis screenplay. Which is extremely cool, especially after the initial development of the movie by the late Tony Scott, who established some amazing visual ideas for the movie!” It should be noted Emerald Fennell was also recently announced to pen DC Comics Zatanna movie. After garnering massive buzz for Promising Young Woman earlier this year at the Academy Awards it’s great to see Fennell move into the comic book movie space.

Nemesis has no set release date

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