Director Emerald Fennell Has Been Tapped To Pen DC Comics ‘Zatanna’ Feature Film

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Earlier today, Variety announced that Promising Young Women director and The Crown star Emerald Fennell has been tapped to pen a feature film based on Zatanna. The character has been one of many Justice League: Dark members to get a solo project for HBO Max leading into an eventual team-up by producer JJ Abrams. It wouldn’t be unimaginable that Fennell is also considered to direct the project after her critically acclaimed directional debut. Which has also gotten her an Oscar nomination.

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Constantine and Swamp Thing are both getting their own rebooted shows with new actors. However, it is interesting that Zatanna will get a full-length feature instead. While in the comics Zatanna is usually known for being of Italian descent like her father Giovanni Zatara. However, Fans have often mentioned Cuban actress Ana de Armas for the role.

Zatanna has no set release date

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