Ray Fisher Refuses To Work For Warner Brothers Under Walter Hamada; ‘The Flash’ Presses Forward With 2021 Production Start Date

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Earlier this summer star Ray Fisher began a campaign to get WarnerMedia (and by extension AT&T) to investigate claims of harassment and mistreatment by director Joss Whedon and producers Geoff Johns & Jon Berg on the set of 2017’s Justice League. He claimed that his future film career was put into jeopardy by the higher-ups (including former Warner Bros CEO Kevin Tsujihara) if he spoke publically about the mistreatment (via Forbes). He also was a very vocal voice for the film’s original director Zack Snyder to return and finish his cut of the film known as The Snyder Cut.

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After several months WarnerMedia announced (via The Wrap) that they had concluded their internal investigation and taken the necessary steps to punish those still working for the company as Jon Berg was replaced by Walter Hamada after 2017. It’s unknown what steps were taken against Geoff Johns as he has since stepped down as producer of DC films but still helped co-write Wonder Woman 1984.


Today, Ray Fisher announced that he refuses to work for Warner Brothers moving forward until Walter Hamada also steps down. While Hamada was not present during the filming of Justice League; Fisher made his complaints known once Hamada took over producing duties at DC Films. However, Fisher stated that Hamada offered to “throw Whedon & Berg under the bus but keep Geoff Johns” active within the company (via Twitter). Geoff Johns has been an intricate part of DC from writing comics to writing screenplays. Again, it’s unknown if Geoff Johns was ever punished for his alleged veil threats to Fisher’s future film career. But it looks like Fisher will now take it a step further and not work for the company under any circumstances. Warner Brothers CEO Kevin Tsujihara also stepped down due to his own sexual harassment accusations according to CNBC. This comes after The New York Times published an expose on the producer for his time working on DC Films for Warner Brothers.

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While this was all happening on social media and behind-the-scenes; Fisher was also in negotiations to appear in a minor role in The Flash starring Ezra Miller. Production begins April 2021 in London (after being pushed back half a dozen times) according to Backstage. It seems that the company has diverged their original screenplay to accommodate Fisher’s imminent departure. Now it is confirmed that he will not appear as Cyborg in the film or the previously announced solo film.

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Fans have suggested the company might recast Cyborg as the film will introduce multiple Bruce Wayne’s (Michael Keaton & Ben Affleck will return) via the DC Multiverse. Cyborg also currently appears in Doom Patrol on HBO Max played by Joivan Wade. It could easily explain multiple Cyborgs and have a new actor take up the mantle but that is pure speculation at this point. The Flash will be directed by IT director Andrés Muschietti. Ray Fisher will return as Cyborg in Zack Snyder’s Justice League released on HBO Max this March.

The Flash hits theaters June 2nd, 2022

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