‘Man in the High Castle’ Star Lee Shorten Campaigns For Karnak Role in Marvel’s ‘Inhumans’ Reboot

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In 2017 a miniseries event based on the characters of The Inhumans debuted on ABC. It was met with awful reviews and most of the Marvel fanbase shunned it from canon with the rest of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Recently, we have learned that Kevin Feige has taken over the reins of not just the films within the MCU but also the Disney+ shows. With all previous Marvel TV shows getting canned and retconned from the MCU timeline including The Inhumans.


Over at MCU Cosmic, it was revealed in late August that Marvel may be looking to re-introducing the Inhumans royal family into the MCU using Ms. Marvel as a backdoor reboot. Now Man in the High Castle star Lee Shorten has taken to social media to campaign for the role of Karnak. Originally played by Ken Leung on the ABC series.

Geeks World Wide goes onto mention that Marvel is looking at actors to re-introduce Black Bolt and Maximus. So it is unknown if Karnak would even have a place on Ms. Marvel. As these roles may be nothing more than cameos. However, it should be noted not all actors who campaign for roles automatically get rejected by the studios. Simu Liu through his name out there on Twitter when Shang-Chi was originally announced. He ended up getting himself an audition and eventual lead role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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