UPDATE: Director Todd Phillips Not Returning For ‘Joker’ Sequel

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Today, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that on October 7th after the massively successful weekend for Todd Phillips Joker. The director walked into WB head Toby Emmerich’s office and pitched doing more Dc Villain origin movies.

The head of WB didn’t go for it but has since greenlit a sequel to the billion dollar, Oscar contending film for The Joker. Which would mark one of the only times Joaquin Phoenix returned to do a sequel to a film.

The report lastly mentions that Phillips may get to make one other DC villain movie. Many fans have been clamoring for a Lex Luthor origin story before he meets the Man of Steel.

UPDATE: Shortly after The Hollywood Reporter broke the story of a Joker sequel; Deadline released their own report stating it completely false. It’s rare for two trades to come out with contradicting reports. However, now our friends over at ThePlaylist.net have gotten a quote from the director confirming these meetings never took place. And no deal in in place for him or Joaquin Phoenix to return on a sequel.

“Yeah that was written about today, and I have to be honest, it came out of nowhere. It referred to a meeting that was never had. I thought it was anticipatory at best. Obviously, sequels have been discussed when a movie that cost $60 million made $1 billion, but we have not had any serious conversations about it.”

The Joker is in theaters now

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