Netflix Announces 3-Part ‘Cobra Kai’ Finale Release Date; Sony’s ‘The Karate Kid’ Pushed To 2025

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Today, Netflix released the first date announcement for the upcoming final season of Cobra Kai. The final Karate Kid sequel series will be 15 episodes long and be split into three parts. The first two parts will span six episodes, while the final will only span three. Part 1 will be released on July 18th; Part 2 will drop on November 28th, and the final part will be sometime in 2025. It’s unknown if this is why The Karate Kid sequel, currently filming with Ralph Macchio and Jackie Chan, was pushed due to Cobra Kai. However, Sony Pictures announced that the film will be released on May 30th, 2025. It’s also unknown if Cobra Kai and the new Karate Kid are set in the same universe, even though Ralph Machhio is in both.

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