‘X-Men 97’ Head Writer Beau DeMayo Fired By Marvel Studios Ahead Of Series Premiere

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Today, a new report revealed that writer Beau DeMayo was fired by Marvel Studios just a few weeks before his series premiere. DeMayo is the head writer on their upcoming X-Men 97′ spin-off series from X-Men: The Animated Series. The writer already wrote a season 2 on the show before possibly writing a season 3. It’s unknown why he was let go so abruptly, given he has also helped as a script doctor on several other projects. He helped patch up the scripts for Moon Knight and the upcoming Blade film. However, there is a story that Marvel didn’t like his draft of Blade, which was part of why it was pushed back.

X-Men 97 is still slated to hit Disney+ on March 20th

Source: Deadline

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