Director Dan Trachtenberg Developing Another ‘Predator’ Period Peice Movie

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Director Dan Trachtenberg took the world by surprise with 10 Cloverfield Lane several years ago and with 2022’s smash-hit Prey. The film featured an ancient Predator crash landing on Earth and coming face-to-face with a female Comanche warrior. This twist on the classic Predator franchise proved to be a massive success that many fans had hoped was released theatrically instead of on the streaming service.

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Now, the director is working on another stand-alone Predator film set a few years into the future, but it will not be a sequel to Prey at all. The film is currently titled Badlands and features yet another female lead after Amber Midthunder starred in Prey. Not much is known about the plot beyond the fact that it is not a direct sequel to Prey. Trachtenberg is also simultaneously working on a direct sequel to Prey. Hopefully, his next film will be given a theatrical release as Prey deserved.

Prey is streaming now on Hulu & Disney+

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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