RUMOR: Marvel Studios ‘Fantastic Four’ Courting Adam Driver, Margot Robbie, Paul Mescal and Daveed Diggs

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We at Knight Edge Media had heard in late April that Marvel Studios was just around the corner to round out their cast for their highly anticipated Fantastic Four reboot. Rumors began circulating wildly that the studio was looking at POC actors for some of the roles of the central team. Other crazy rumors also began circulating that they may gender-swap Ben Grimm in the film with Mila Kunis attached.

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However, finally, some of the online rumors have begun lining up for the main cast, with the studio looking at Adam Driver (Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker) as Reed Richards, Margot Robbie (Barbie, The Suicide Squad) as Sue Storm, Paul Mescal (Normal People, Gladiator 2) as Johnny Storm and Daveed Diggs (Hamilton, Blindspotting) as Ben Grimm. We have been informed that only offers have been put out for these roles, and only Adam Driver may be a lock at this time.

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Margot Robbie could still pass depending on her continuing relationship with the new DC Studios as Harley Quinn under James Gunn. At the same time, Paul Mescal is attached to Oscar-caliber films like Gladiator 2 and may not want to be tied down to a multiple-film franchise in the MCU. Interestingly, director Matt Shakman has looked explicitly at Jewish actors (Diggs is half black/half-Jewish) for the role of Ben Grimm, like his comics counterpart. Something Fox failed to acknowledge in their last two franchises in 2005 and 2015. The cast may not be announced officially by Marvel Studios until San Diego Comic-Con in July. Production begins in early 2024 in Atlanta.

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Fantastic Four hits theaters on February 14th, 2025

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