Dwayne Johnson & Gal Gadot Return for Universal Pictures ‘Fast X’

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Last week the 10th installment of the Fast & Furious franchise debuted for Universal Pictures. After much drama on set between star Vin Diesel and original director Justin Lin, a new director Louis Leterrier was brought on to help guide the franchise Louis Leterrier ended up writing back in former star Dwayne Johnson after he left the franchise after Fate of the Furious from the drama with Diesel as well. Leterrier revealed to Yahoo Movies during the red carpet he helped broker a truce between Diesel and Johnson:

“We were talking with Dwayne and his team about ideas for different movies. I’d never met him before, but we sort of wink at each other from a distance. And when I felt that I had a really strong grip on the wheel of the film, I reached out to him and said: ‘There’s no offer, but I want to show you the movie — what we’ve done with the franchise and where I think you’d fit in.’ I guess he liked it, because he’s back, baby!”

The director also revealed he wrote back in Gal Gadot’s character Gisele Yashar would return from the dead after almost every other character in the franchise had died and returned. Gadot confirmed her return on Instagram, posting that she was “overwhelmed with excitement” to return. Leterrier added:

“It wasn’t a done deal, but I called Gal and asked, ‘Would you like to watch the movie? And then we have a plan we want to talk to you about for the next one.’ She watched it and thought it was exactly where she hoped Fast would be heading as it approached the end. She told me, ‘Let’s go to work!'”

Fast X is in theaters now

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