Netflix Adds Newcomers To ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Live-Action Cast as Jet’s Freedom Fighters (EXCLUSIVE)

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Today, we at Knight Edge Media have exclusively learned that several actors joined the live-action cast of Netflix’s Avatar: The Last Airbender during production last year. They are all up-and-coming actors found in the Vancouver area. IMDB initially revealed that newcomer actor Taylor Lam Wright (Resident Alien, Invidious) joined the cast as The Duke, the team’s youngest member. Avatar News announced that newcoming non-binary actor Wes Valarao joined the cast as Smellerbee, the only girl of the group often mistaken as another boy. We were able to confirm Valarao, indeed, was cast as Smellerbee, and the character will still identify as a female in the series.

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We have also learned that Nathanial Kong has joined the team as Longshot. He doesn’t have any professional acting credits to date on IMDB. Longshot is often silent, “speaking” through looks with Smellerbee. We were unable to confirm the actor playing Pipsqueak at this time, though he is also in the show. They will be led by anti-hero Jet, played by Sebastian Amoruso (I Know What You Did Last Summer), who we revealed was cast last September. In the original series, none of the members of the Freedom Fighters have any bending abilities but are specialists in a different weapon. The team is all from the Earth Kingdom and is based on The Lost Boys found in Disney’s Peter Pan. Sneers was cut from the live-action adaptation due to his minimal screen time in the original show.

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Netflix couldn’t be reached for comment.

Avatar: The Last Airbender will stream exclusively on Netflix

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