Netflix’s ‘Avatar: The Last Airbender’ Expected To Include Koh the Facestealer

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Netflix is currently underway with a month of reshoots on Avatar: The Last Airbender in Vancouver. Filming with a start on August 29th and run through September 28th. The purpose is to reshoot some small scenes from earlier in the shoot to better portray the chemistry between the actors later during filming. Nevertheless, our friends at Avatar News recently took part in an Instagram AMA (via Reddit) and revealed that Koh The Facestealer may appear in the live-action show. We at Knight Edge Media were able to confirm he will indeed appear in either episode 7 or episode 8 of the season. We even learned that original voice actor Erik Todd Dellums was interested in returning and voicing the character though it’s unknown at this time if he will. He can also be next seen on The Dragon Prince voicing Aaravos on Netflix.

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In the original series, Aang travels to the Spirit World during the Lunar Eclipse to learn about the Moon and Ocean spirits in the Nothern Water Tribe. He meets an evil yet cunning spirit named Koh. He has the body of a centipede but has the faces of humans he had killed. He alludes to being hunted by a previous Avatar incarnation though Aang doesn’t know anything about his previous encounter. We later learn that Avatar Kuruk (played by Meegwun Fairbrother) hunted Koh for stealing the face of his loved one. He even travels and gets stuck in the Spirit World, still hunting Koh in the Kyoshi novels.

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Director M.Night Shamlayan opted not to use Koh in his kid-friendly live-action film in 2010. Instead, he used a classic Dragon spirit to speak to Aang. John Noble voiced the dragon in the movie alongside Noah Ringer as Aang. He ultimately serves the same purpose in warning Aang about the attack on the Nothern Water Tribe. But it lacked any real stakes speaking to the spirit as Koh is more an evil spirit that hated the Avatar.

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