Director Zack Snyder Is Developing Another ‘King Arthur’ Adaption

Zack Snyder King Arthur Banner1

Today, director Zack Snyder spoke to I Minutemen Podcast about the upcoming release of his cut of Justice League. The director goes onto reveal that he is also in the middle of development on a faithful adaption for the legend of King Arthur. The director has mentioned in the past that Excaliber is one of his favorite films.

“I’m working on something but we’ll see. I’ve been thinking about some kind of retelling, like, [a] real sort of faithful retelling of that Arthurian mythological concept. We’ll see. Maybe that will come at some point.”

It’s unknown if this film will ever see the light of day as a screenwriter has yet to be attached. Guy Richie directed the last major King Arthur film starring Charlie Hunnum. Which felt more like a Robin Hood-esqe film than King Arthur. Antoine Fuqua’s version of King Arthur starring Clive Owen was a more grounded version of the story. Following Arthur, after he returns to Britain following the fall of the Roman Empire.

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