Marvel Studios Pressing Forward With An ‘A-Force’ Project

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Marvel fans for years have been hoping that an A-Force project featuring Marvel Universe’s most powerful female heroes would be made by the studio. We ended up getting a team-up sequence during the final battle of Avengers: Endgame which featured all the female heroes from the universe take on Thanos. While many felt like it was forced; some really enjoyed it. A project based on the A-Force team was put into early development a while ago but has yet to move anywhere.

Now Daniel Ritchman revealed on Patreon that the project has moved from early development to active development by the studio. It’s unknown which female heroes will be featured on the team at this point. It’s unknown if the project will be a featured film or series on Disney+. It should also be noted that Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is interested in doing a hero set in the Marvel Universe like Black Widow (even though Black Widow is currently dead). She was once hired to direct Thor: The Dark World before leaving. After the success of both Wonder Woman films and the director working with Lucasfilm on Rogue Squadron. Marvel might want Jenkins also on a future project like A-Force…

A-Force has no set release date

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