Geeks Unite! ‘G4tv’ Reboot Returning in 2021

Kevin Pereira - Attack of the Show!

Today, during IGN’s ComicCon@Home coverage; an unprecedented announcement was made. A cryptic teaser trailer was published that had the G4 logo and the year 2021 attached to it. Suggesting a relaunch of the company is underway. G4 was a cable channel in the early 2000s that showcased original programming that featured the latest video games and movies but was canceled in 2014.

Kevin Pereira - Adam Sessler


The channel reached the most success with shows like X-Play hosted by Adam Sessler & Morgan Web and Attack of the Show hosted by Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn (X-Men: Apocalypse). During that time many fans of PS3 and Xbox 360 watched X-Play for their live coverage of E3. While others watched Attack of the Show for their emphasis on geek culture. Attack of the Show featured news talk on movies, comics, and tech.

Adam Sessler - Kevin Pereira

The show also included up-and-coming hosts Blair Herter who now works for DC All Access and Chris Hardwick who founded the Nerdist. Chris Gore was also featured with his DVDuseday segment of AOTS every Tuesday. It’s unknown if any of the original hosts will return for the reboot but the teaser was posted to X-Play and Attack of the Show twitter pages indicating the original shows will also return. Many of the original hosts were unaware of the relaunch.

It’s unknown however if the cable network channel will return or the company will pivot to online streaming for their shows. With the popularity of online streaming, it’s hard to imagine the company reverting back to syndicated television.

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